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Global Jihad

Trends in Cyber-Terrorism 2021

Cyberspace has become one of the main arenas for state warfare. It is also largely used by non-state actors or state sponsored actors, including criminal networks and terrorist organisations. In recent years, their operations in cyberspace have become a real challenge for global security. Throughout

ISIS and the Destruction of Antiquities

The widespread and ongoing devastation by ISIS of ancient sites in Iraq and Syria, annihilating the historical legacy of ancient civilizations like Babylon and Assyria, has aroused anger and alarm among archaeologists and politicians in those countries. Particularly the West is deeply concerned about this

ISIS Bandwagons the Palestinian Wave of Terror

The below ISIS video seems an attempt by the organization to bandwagon the present Palestinian wave of terrorism in Jerusalem and the West Bank without any special effort. For the moment, while ISIS is under combined but not coordinated attacks by the United States coalition,

The Spread of Radical Islam in Africa: 2021 Summary

Summary: In their July 2021 article, Global Jihad in Africa: Risks and Challenges, the authors detailed the spread of Islamic terrorist organizations in Africa—specifically ISIS and al-Qaeda—and highlighted the challenges in contending with them. Their main conclusion was that a joint umbrella/master strategy would be

The “Daimeh 2” Program

Jihadist organizations attribute considerable importance to their media system by virtue of its function as a central platform to for indoctrination, waging psychological warfare against the enemy, promoting “other” narratives and strengthening the self-esteem of members of the jihadist community. Many senior members of the

Terrorism in Egypt – Evaluation towards the end of 2018

In October 2018, the Egyptian regime declared on several occasions that the war against terrorist operatives in the country has been very successful and has curbed terrorism almost completely. The President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, announced during his visit to Russia on October 16 that

The Corona Pandemic: An Opportunity for ISIS

ISIS is interpreting the above pandemic as a divine intervention, propelled by a divine plan to punish the infidels. Per it, the world, the west in particular, fell into hard times manifested by an economic crisis, low civilian morale and increasing attrition of its security forces

ISIS Strengthens in Iraq

The loss of ISIS’ last stronghold in Baghuz (Syria) led politicians in the Muslim world and the west to eulogize the organization. Pres. Trump has even gone and said in February 2019 that the allied forces managed to drive ISIS’ operatives off all the territories

The Lebanese Shiite vs. Hezbollah’s Hegemony

The popular protests the Lebanese regime in condemnation of its corruption and the economic crisis, which started in October 2019 however paused due to COVID-19 and resumed in June 2020, includes, in addition to Sunni and Christian protesters, a growing number of Shiite protesters

Ongoing Threats to Coptic Churches in Egypt

The terrorist attack on the Al-Qiddissin church in Alexandria on January 1st 2011 marked a peak in the inter-religion tension between Muslims and Christians. The attack was preceded by many weeks of threats to carry out terrorist attacks against Christian targets around the world, particularly