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Strategic advisers helping you develop better solutions

All of the work of CTS is rooted in the ability to help clients assess their weaknesses, while offering solutions. Drawing on our extensive network of researchers, scholars, and professionals, CTS is able to offer tailored consulting needs to your organization.

Since its creation, the CTS team has provided multiple consulting services including:

1. Screening checks – The added value of the institute is in its multifaceted professional knowledge and its rich trove of practical and operational knowledge, which provides a higher level of credibility than that of fully automated computerized screening.

2. Identifying targets that are still at the “gray stage” – These targets, which have not yet been designated by the authorities, present a tangible threat warranting attention and proactive action. The institute has the capability to address such situations and provide adequate services.

3. Expert witness services – Experts from the institute are involved in guiding and consulting legal teams, also serving as expert witnesses in court.

4. Analysis of terrorist threats, current and expected – The institute is able to craft up-to-date analysis of potential threats to properties and investments in high-risk zones throughout the world.

5. Custom projects – The institute designs projects in coordination with the client’s needs, while remaining flexible, adapting to developing or changing situations.

While many of CTS’s clients are either intelligence or law enforcement organizations, we also regularly consult with private companies as well.

For more information on general consulting services:
E-mail [email protected] | Tel 972-9-9527277 | Fax 972-9-9513073