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The useful idiots on American campuses – opinion

Israel Was Prepared for a Different War

Israel Must Destroy Hamas’s Tunnels

Twitter’s obligation during crisis and war – opinion

“בכיר במכון למחקרי ביטחון: “חמאס תיכנן זאת זמן רב, עקפו אותנו בסיבוב

Surprise Attack on Weakened Israel Imperils Regional Geopolitics

“יש לחמאס הכוונה איראנית כדי לסכל את ההסכם עם סעודיה”

Hamas Attack Thrusts Palestinians Back Into Center of Mideast

Biden administration scrambles to deter wider Mideast conflict

Hamas grabs chance to scuttle Abraham Accords and Saudi-Israel cooperation

Dal terrorismo alla guerra: “Il Qatar finanzia Hamas, un errore permetterlo. Il conflitto si allargherà”

Izraelský velitel přímo z fronty: Bude to velké. Lidé chtějí rozhodnou akci armády

“Qatar finances Hamas, it is a mistake to allow it. The conflict will spread”

Ely Karmon, specialist în combaterea terorismului, despre cum a fost păcălit Israelul de Hamas: “Clar este o greşeală de Intelligence”

Πόλεμος στο Ισραήλ – Μίρι Eϊσίν στην «Κ»: Την απάντηση που θα δώσουμε ούτε που την φαντάζονται

What Military Experts Say to Look Out for in an Israel-Hamas War

Is this Israel’s moment to re-occupy Gaza? – analysis

Les enjeux sécuritaires pour Israël : actualité et perspectives

Hamas, instrument of the Iranian mullahs’ hatred against Israel – L’Express

Why the Israeli Hostages Face Grim Prospects

“הרע מכל עוד לפנינו. בסוף אנחנו ננצח, אבל במחיר כבד מאוד”

Israeli army to confront resilient foe in anticipated Gaza invasion

Israel targets Hamas’s labyrinth of tunnels under Gaza

Ели Кармон пред “Фокус”: Израел е в шок, Хамас обезглавява, Европа да внимава

Israel’s strike on Gaza ‘has been delayed until next week because of bad weather, with new rules making it easier for IDF troops to shoot enemies’ in invasion that could last 18 MONTHS

Bigger than Gaza: Israel’s war with Hamas is a war with Iran – opinion

The ‘Gaza metro’: The mysterious subterranean tunnel network used by Hamas

אלפי רקטות ביום ושיגור טילי שיוט: כך עלול להיראות עימות עם חיזבאללה

¿Hamas es ISIS? Los puntos en común y las diferencias de los grupos jihadistas más allá de las atrocidades y la propaganda

Israeli troops are now in Gaza. How might its ground assault unfold?

כולנו שגרירים: כך תהפכו לפעילי הסברה ברשתות

The Rise of Tunnel Warfare as a Tactical, Operational, and Strategic Issue

‘It’s like being underwater’: What Israeli soldiers will face inside the labyrinth of Hamas tunnels

Hamas Attacked Israel With Paragliders. Nazis Made Them Into Antisemitic Memes

An open letter to the UN secretary-general

מלחמת הרחפנים הראשונה של צה”ל וחמאס: סכנה בשלב הקרקעי