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Attiya Allah al-Libi – A Person of Influence on the Salafi-Jihadist Movement in the Gaza Strip


In 2015, in the framework of activities by the Salafi-jihadist movement in the Gaza Strip, the Dar al-Mujahideen publishing house published a volume containing all of the writings, speeches and notes of Sheikh Attiya Allah al-Libi, a senior member of Al-Qaeda, a prominent ideologue and one of the central figures in the world of jihad until his death in August 2011.

The mere fact that this volume was published four years after Attiya Allah’s death testifies to his importance in the jihadist thought and his influence on the Salafist thought and ideology of Al-Qaeda supporters even today. The publication of the volume by the Salafi-jihadist movement in Gaza indicates that members of this movement identify with Attiya Allah’s doctrine in particular, and with Al-Qaeda’s ideology in general.

This document includes a general review of the thick volume – which contains at least 2,000 pages – in an attempt to extract the central themes and issues that occupied Attiya Allah and that continue to occupy his supporters and readers.

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