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Resilience & Civilian Defense

The Resilience & Civilian Defense Desk deals with Homefront preparedness regarding various emergency situations and security events, such as a prolonged campaign, wherein a terrorist organization launches large scale missiles attacks against the Israeli civilian population. Given that recent IDF assessments have suggests the next round of hostilities with Hezbollah will last several weeks and include daily barrages of thousands of missiles shot at Israeli civilian populations, the work of this desk is paramount.

National resilience plays a critical role in the success or failure of the military campaign, as it influences the availability of national resources and their allocation towards the war effort, while also impacting decision makers’ strategic calculus about the military campaign, their goals, and the overall campaigns length.

Given the importance of national resilience, the Resilience & Civilian Defense Desk works to build a framework to increase resilience of the Israeli civilian Homefront. This framework is based on training volunteers from the neighborhood to the national level, so that they can provide on-the-ground support in the event of an attack, thus mitigating the damage to life and property in their neighborhoods. This framework and training would also enable an uninterrupted supply of critical aid and services at the local level in the immediate aftermath of an attack. The framework has been shared with security decision makers throughout the country and is currently being deployed in Herzliya.

While the above framework for increasing national resilience was primarily developed to address emergency situations during hostilities and wars, it is also applicable to natural disasters and other critical scenarios as well.

Uri Ben Yaakov

Lt. Col. (Res.) Uri Ben Yaakov

Head of Desk

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