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Between Gaza and Sana’a

The Houthi rebels in Yemen, with Iran’s support, have intensified hostilities by targeting Israel with missiles and drones, signaling their alignment with Hamas, Hezbollah, and other Palestinian resistance groups. Since October 19, 2023, they have attacked Israel multiple times, with interceptions by the USS Carney, Saudi air defenses, and Israel’s Arrow air defense system. The conflict has had wider regional implications, as evidenced by misdirected attacks causing explosions in Egypt’s South Sinai region.

These incidents underscore the expanding threat posed by the Houthis and the potential for the Red Sea to become a new battleground in Iran’s proxy war against Israel. The pattern of attacks suggests a coordinated effort by Iran’s proxies, aligning with strategic actions since Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023. Despite Iran’s official denials, the Supreme Leader’s public commendation of the attacks points to a tacit endorsement of these aggressive tactics. The situation highlights the growing concerns for Israel, Egypt, and the stability of the broader Middle East region.