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The Fight in the Deal of the Century and the Annexation Plan:

The World Forum of Islamic Clerics” as a Tool for the Palestinian Terrorist Factions

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On the backdrop of Israel’s intention to declare sovereignty and annex parts of Judea and Samaria, 64 pro-Palestinian organizations from 19 states as well as Palestinian factions such as Fatah, Hamas and PIJ, gathered on an online Zoom conference which was broadcasted on social media in an attempt to put the above issue to the top of the Muslim world’s agenda and examine ways to cooperate in the fight against Israel’s policy in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, including the Plan of the Century. Whereas some of the participants stressed the importance of reinforcing the propaganda around the religious importance of Palestine and Jerusalem in Islam to form a global Muslim front against the Deal of the Century, others called for a jihad against Israel and liberate Palestine from the hands of the Jews. Though the conference expresses a desire to form a unified Muslim front vis a vis Israel’s annexation plan and strengthen the view that this was a religious conflict, it also reflects distress and dismay at the division in the Muslim world that enables the annexation.

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