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Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites October 2019



Sheikh Al-Muhajir Abu Hamza al-Qurashi, the new spokesman for ISIS, eulogizes Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi and Sheikh Abu al-Hassan Hassan al-Muhajir, killed by a U.S. forces in a raid at the end of October 2019. He mentioned that al-Baghdadi made a tremendous contribution to the jihad in Iraq and managed to recruit many foreign fighters from around the globe. At the same breath he announced sheikh Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi as the new caliph and leader of ISIS, to whom all owe a pledge of allegiance. Further, he stressed that the organization continues to expand its presence into additional areas and even stands at the door of Europe and Central Africa. In addition, he called to avenge the blood of the fallen leaders and fulfil al- Baghdadi’s will that called, inter alia, to liberate Muslim prisoners from prison.


Sheikh Ibrahim al-Qosi AKA Khabib al-Sudani, a senior AQAP member praises Shabab al-Mujahidin, the al-Qaeda extension in Somalia for the attack its members executed against Baledogle U.S. air base at the end of September 2019. Per him this was one of the most important attacks al-Shabab executed against the U.S. in recent years, because of the message that it sent to the American government and people that their aggressive policy against Muslims (anywhere) will cause penal actions.


AQAP posted a third and last clip in a series that dealt with the uncovering of an espionage network in Yemen operated by the enemy headed by the Saudis. AQAP accused the enemy for immorality due to the despicable means of recruitment it deployed which manifested, inter alia, by threats to post clips or intimate photos of rape victims or have exposed parts of their bodies in hospitals and other public places. For that, AQAP called all the Arabian Peninsula tribes to assassinate Saudi security forces and clerics who serve the Saudi regime as a revenge for humiliating Muslim women.


Jama’at Nusrat al-Muslimin wal-Islam, a Mali umbrella organization tied to AQIM, calls the G-5 Sakhl states to liberate themselves from the French hegemony and their dependence on France as the latter uses them to spread dissent and disputes among the peoples of the region to loot its resources. Further, the organization called soldiers in Sakhl states armies to repent, desert their posts and join the ranks of the mujahidin.


Ustas Usama Mahmud, AQIS‘s spokesman, harshly criticizes the Indian regime for its brutal oppression against the Muslim population in Kashmir. Similarly, he criticized the Pakistani regime for its efforts to block the arrival of jihadist and weapons to Kashmir and the U.N. for its silence in the face of the Indian oppression. He said that considering the above the only way to liberate one’s self from the Indian conqueror and gain independence is the way of jihad against Indian military and politicians all over the world.


Ansar Ghazwat al-Hind, a Salafi jihadist organization in Kashmir, close with al-Qaeda, eulogizes Muhammad Haroon Abbas, its leader killed by the Indian security forces on October 8th, 2019. At the same breath he announced Ghazi Khalid Ibrahim as the new leader and Abu Bakr Shopiani and Umar Mansour as his deputies.


Hummat al-Tawhid, a Salafi jihadist group, aiming to topple the Saudi regime, accuses the Saudi regime of straying from Islam, disseminating heresy, supporting the U.S., persecuting Muslims and more. They threatened to assassinate Saudi officials, either clerics or public officers; hit military bases, political and economic U.S. targets in the region.

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