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Courses & Training

ICT experts deliver counter-terrorism courses and training to private businesses, public, and governmental organizations

Drawing on the knowledge and experience of its distinguished staff, CTS is able to provide comprehensive theoretical and practical instruction. With an academic curriculum that is modular in nature, curricula can be customized to suit specific operational or organizational needs.


CTS has hosted trainings and courses with national and international public sector entities. In the international arena, we have provided services to organizations such as NATO, UNOCT, UN-CTED, Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA). In the national arena, we have hosted trainings and courses with North American, European, African and other decision makers, law enforcement agencies, security services, diplomatic services, and militaries.

In addition to our work with the public sector we also provide trainings to private sector entities including multinational corporations, leaders in the airline and transportation industries, private security companies, banks, and those involved in critical infrastructure security.

Selected Courses:

  • Modern and Post Modern Terrorism Strategies
  • Counter-Terrorism Dilemmas
  • The Global Jihad: Ideology, Structure, and Modus Operandi
  • The Global Jihadi Terrorism – Target Selection
  • The Islamic State
  • From Da’wa to Jihad
  • Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Analysis
  • Global Terrorism in Europe – Case Studies
  • Terrorism Financing
  • Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Hostage and Extortion
  • Suicide Attacks
  • Terrorism and Technology
  • Psychology of Terrorism
  • Handling Terrorists in Correctional Systems and Prisons
  • Arab Culture and Environment
  • Terrorist Use of the Cyberspace
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • OSINT – Analysis and Methodology

CTS also offers customized training programs tailored to specific operational requirements.

For more information on Courses, Training and Services:
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