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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear

Washington’s Third Option Against a Nuclear Iran

Being a nuclear threshold state and a rouge regime is toxic: Tehran is both. Iran’s 1979 Revolution instructs its leaders to resist compromises, especially now because they expect Washington wants to cut any deal. But in case there is diplomatic stalemate, it is important for

Non-Conventional Terrorism: Chemical, Nuclear, and Biological

Years of discussions, debates, and contrasting assessments on the possibility of terrorist organizations’ use of non-conventional weapons for mass murder ended the moment the toxic gas Sarin began wafting through the tunnels of Tokyo’s subway system. Reprinted from “Survey of Arab Affairs-A periodic supplement to

Sanctions unlikely to affect Iran’s nuclear aim

The likelihood of economic sanctions persuading the Iranian leadership to abandon its quest for nuclear weapons is very low; the record of economic sanctions is not good: long-standing international sanctions remain in place against North Korea, Ivory Coast, and Somalia without noticeable effects on their

Are we Nearer to a Major CBRN Terrorism Threat?

In light of the revolutionary events and the growing instability in much of the Greater Middle East and South Asia and the growing threat of failing states losing control on their chemical, biological and nuclear assets, an international effort to monitor, control and foil CBRN

Syria’s Chemical Weapons – The Terrorism Threat

This report is the first part of an ICT project intended to evaluate the threat of proliferation of Syrian chemical weapons to local and regional terrorist organizations and beyond. The report includes information on the status of chemical weapons in Syria and their use updated