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Palestinian Terrorism

Predetermined Fate

Violence in the Arab Sector – A Predetermined Fate?

During Operation Guardian of the Walls (May 2021) the Arab sector in Israel launched a wave of violence that was extremely wide and severe, especially in the mixed cities. It seems that its circumstances and characteristics require an updated assessment and regrouping. Even though it

Trends in Cyber-Terrorism 2021

Cyberspace has become one of the main arenas for state warfare. It is also largely used by non-state actors or state sponsored actors, including criminal networks and terrorist organisations. In recent years, their operations in cyberspace have become a real challenge for global security. Throughout

The “Islamization” of the Palestinian Flag

Hamas rulers marshaled hundreds of thousands of supporters to a huge anniversary rally held in Gaza in 14 December 2008, marking 21 years of its founding. The Islamic extremist group bragged about its violent exploits, promised more money to Gaza’s impoverished people, and announced it

Hamas Opts for the Hezbollah Model

Time will tell if this is a new strategic blunder of the United States, similar to the one which compelled Israel and the Palestinian leaders to accept Hamas’ participation at the 2006 elections.

Islamic Palestine or Liberated Palestine

Hamas has succeeded, through its popular influence and close relations with leading elements in the Palestinian Authority (PA), in making some important moves toward the “Islamization” of the PA/Fatah on one hand and a large part of the Palestinian public on the other. The longstanding

Are the Palestinians Considering Biological Weapons?

An article appeared in the 13 August edition of the Lebanon-based Palestinian weekly, Al-Manar, stating that there is “serious thinking” among the Palestinians about obtaining biological weapons, according to a special dispatch by The Middle East Media Research Institute.

The Palestine Islamic Jihad – Background Information

The Islamic Jihad’s ideology blended Palestinian nationalist ideas with themes drawn from three other sources: the ideology of the Muslim Brethren; activity of the militant Islamist groups in Egypt; and the teachings of Ayatollah Khomeini, the Shi`i leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Reprinted

Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Female Suicide Bombers

The participation of women in Palestinian terrorism is increasing. Israeli security forces are aware of as many as twenty cases in which women were involved in terrorist activity against Israeli targets; some as facilitators, while others operated at the most radical level, carrying out suicide

The Oslo Process – Fate or Folly?

In her celebrated book “The March of Folly”, the noted American historian Barbara Tuchman provided a fascinating account of historical cases that were a paragon of political foolhardiness and reckless policy. Tuchman defined “Folly” as a policy consisting of a triad of factors: 1. It