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Author: JMG DESK

Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites December 2019

Download the full article Highlights The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan clarified that it would not announce a cease fire with the U.S. and denied media reports on its existence. It also promised to take all necessary steps to ensure Afghanistan’s interests on the military and

Ongoing Threats to Coptic Churches in Egypt

The terrorist attack on the Al-Qiddissin church in Alexandria on January 1st 2011 marked a peak in the inter-religion tension between Muslims and Christians. The attack was preceded by many weeks of threats to carry out terrorist attacks against Christian targets around the world, particularly

Call To Carry Out Terrorist Attacks in Israel

The “Shabakat Masajiduna Al-Da’awiya” (The Da’awa Network of our Mosques), recently posted a message calling for Palestinian factions to carry out terrorist attacks in Jerusalem, in order to protect the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Terrorist Attack in India – Summary from the Jihadi forums

Despite the closure of several leading online forums associated with al-Qaeda, other Jihadi forums have devoted wide coverage to the terrorist attack in Mumbai. For the time being, forum members rely primarily on foreign media reports, quoting a great deal from the articles and posting

143 Al-Qaeda blogs were blocked

In the course of October 2008, the Al-Faloja online forum, identified with Al-Qaeda, published a report by an online surfer calling himself Hamazacom about the blocking of 143 Al-Qaeda blogs in northern Africa by the Maktoob website. The online surfer quotes the website manager, who

Switzerland as a target for radical Islamist propaganda

On November 3, 2008, a member of the Al-Qaeda affiliated “Al-Hesbah” online forum, named Ansar, posted a message written in Arabic and French by Mu‘iz Al-Din Al-Qayrawani, a fighter in Afghanistan. In the message, Ansar requested that visitors to the forum distribute Al-Qayrawani’s message and