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Author: JMG DESK

Islamization processes in Germany

On November 3rd the Al-Hesbah online forum, serving as a conduit for messages for Al-Qaeda and other Jihad organizations, posted links to two movie clips on the “YouTube” website . One link is directed to a report which was broadcast by the German television channel

Islamic conversion efforts in Sweden

On November 14th 2008 a news item was posted on the Al-Hesbah online forum entitled: “15 thousand Swedes have converted to Islam since the publication of the offensive caricatures”. According to the report, 15,000 Swedish citizens between the ages of 20-40, converted to Islam after

Training Jihad activists via the internet

Cyberspace serves as very fertile ground for activity for the Al-Qaeda organization and other Jihadi organizations, in the recruitment of new members and supporters to their ranks. It also serves as a conduit for the training of potential fighters for terrorist attacks by using appropriate

The Internet at the Service of Jihad Organizations

Al-Qaeda and other Jihadi organizations have identified the enormous potential of the internet as a public relations and propaganda tool, and a conduit for transferring operational information. They, therefore, put considerable effort into bringing detailed explanations of the benefits to be obtained from these technological

Threats on Germany in a Series of Jihadi Clips

During the past year, it would appear that Global Jihad organizations have increased their efforts to produce and distribute propaganda films and messages on Germany. This effort complements the trend that has been apparent for the past two years of Islamizing Germans, a step that

Jihadi Ideological Viewpoints Regarding Western Democracy

In different occasions Al-Qaeda leaders and ideologists stated their views that democracies, constitutional governments, and insufficiently Islamic monarchies are equally unacceptable forms of governance for Islamic societies, because they empower human rulers and man-made legal systems rather than the law of God.

Oil Installations as an Attractive Target for Terrorism

In recent months, Jihadi online forums have been discussing oil installations, oil tankers, oil pipes etc. as being attractive targets for a terrorist attack. Despite the fact that the desire to attack oil installations is not new, it would seem that the discussion of this

Maritime Terrorism in the Eyes of Al-Qaeda

Recently, Jihadi online forums have been focusing attention on the western marine forces’ presence in the high seas and marking them as a target for terrorist attacks. This trend stems, in all probability, from the media resonance surrounding the success of Somali pirates in taking

Disseminating the Message of Jihad from a British Haven

The following review will present the content appearing on the website of the Al- Maqreze Center for Research, and information on the head of the center, Sheikh Hani Al-Siba’i. Sheikh Al-Siba’i, who resides in Britain after being granted political asylum, is a former operative of

Abu Yahya Al-Libi: Profile of an Al-Qaeda Leader

One of the most difficult challenges faced by Al-Qaeda is the ongoing loss of a large part of its first-, second- and even third-generation leadership, some of whom have been assassinated or arrested, and others of whom have dissociated themselves from Al-Qaeda and its terrorist