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Hamas Rage Day: Friday 13, 2023

Recent developments in the conflict between Hamas terrorist organization and Israel have seen Hamas call for a ‘rage day’ on Friday the 13th, urging supporters to take action against Israel from the West Bank, within Israel, and bordering states. Their call included encouragement for acts of violence and a march to Jerusalem, with a Hamas spokesman for the city of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hamada, urging “everyone who can carry a stone, a knife, and a weapon, to mobilize urgently and confront the occupation army…”

Hamas supporters took to social media platforms to further incite violence, expressing a desire to escalate the situation beyond mere protests. They called for the streets and roads to be filled with protesters and settlements to be set on fire, emphasizing their intention to disrupt normalcy in the West Bank. This online rhetoric is indicative of their determination to escalate tensions.

Hamas supporters online continue to incite on social media: Gaza wants something bigger than this from us… We want to fill the streets and roads with them and burn the settlements… We don’t want them to have a quiet day in the West Bank. How do you serve the resistance in Gaza!? Take your knife, prepare your weapon, prepare your Molotov, and strike your enemy and any target you see as a valuable catch.

Following Friday prayers, demonstrations erupted in the West Bank, marked by the prominent display of the color green, symbolizing support for Hamas. This display underscores the organization’s influence in Palestinian streets. During the ‘rage day,’ Hamas terrorists in the West Bank attacked Israeli civilians and security forces at multiple locations, signaling a significant increase in violence.

“Human flood” in Hebron, in support of Gaza

Support for Hamas extended beyond Palestinian territories to Iran, where demonstrations took place and Israeli and U.S. flags were burned. Similar protests occurred in other Arab and Muslim states, as well as in some Western countries. However, these demonstrations faced restrictions in certain places, like France, where they were prohibited.

Despite their efforts, Hamas has not yet succeeded in generating large-scale violence related to the Al Aqsa Mosque issue. However, the situation could change in response to a ground operation resulting in a more significant escalation of violence in the region.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in the West Bank calls on the Palestinian people in general and the movement’s members in particular to go out in large mass marches after sunset prayers today and to head to areas of contact and confrontation.

Hamas recently renewed its call for a general mobilization on the “Friday of the Al-Aqsa Flood.” They urged Palestinians to unite in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and rebellious youth in the West Bank were called upon to demonstrate and confront the Israeli enemy. Additionally, Palestinians in refugee camps and the diaspora were urged to march toward the borders of Palestine to show support for Gaza and its resistance. The call also extended to the wider Arab and Islamic world, emphasizing solidarity with the Palestinian cause and resistance against the Israeli occupation.