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Jordan and the War in Gaza

The war in Gaza poses difficult challenges to the Hashemite Kingdom, and this happens after a year in which Jordan faced internal crises and external threats (an intra-family crisis and severe economic and social pressures). King Abdullah II knows that his policy regarding the war in Gaza will have an impact on the internal situation in Jordan and the stability of his regime.

The Hashemite Kingdom fears a spillover of the violence and radicalization from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank into the Jordan-cause Palestinian unrest in the Kingdom. 

Jordan is largely taking a wait-and-see approach, given that success in any intervention into the situation seems very remote. This is due in part to the Jordanian government’s tense relations with Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their sponsor – Iran.

In conclusion, the existence of the Hashemite Kingdom is a strategic interest of Israel, the US, and moderate Arab countries. The Israeli government should nurture strategic relations with Jordan. This requires a dialogue between the countries and much closer attention to the needs of the Kingdom.