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The Conflict between Islam and the West as viewed by Global Jihad

It is no secret that the western countries enjoy a clear economic, technological and military superiority over Muslim societies in the modern post-colonial age.

The Islamists believe that renewed adherence to primal Islam, is the key to the rehabilitation of the power of Muslim society. According to them, the modernization process, secularism and the import of western ideology constitute a principal and significant cause of the decline of Muslim societies and in the deterioration in the power of Islam.
At present, this view is accompanied by the additional feeling of rage and discontentment amongst the Muslims, especially immigrant Muslims, in view of the wave of rising Islamophobia in the European continent.
Following this atmosphere and in response to these trends, we are today witnessing the publication of articles in the Arab and Muslim papers, and not only in Islamic papers, on the persistent struggle the West is waging against the Islamic religion in various ways.

In the Jihadi forums, we are also witness to many publications focusing on the strained atmosphere in the relationships between the western cultures and Islam. At the beginning of November 2009 a booklet was published, containing a manifesto titled: “This is the way the conflict between Islam and the West should be conducted”.

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