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The Salafi-Jihadi movement

The Salafi-Jihadi stream burst into the consciousness of the Arab and Western world after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 which were orchestrated by the Al-Qaeda organization, a part of the movement. The movement believes that the form of Islam which was widespread during the first three generations of Islam, should be taken as the role model and be the expression of the pure and refined faith to which Muslims should strive. 

Today, the Salafi movement includes a number of sub-factions and various groups which can be divided into three main groups: The political or pragmatic Salafi stream; The puritanical salafi stream; And the Jihdai Salafi one.

This document will focus more on the Jihadi Salafi stream. One of its prominent figures, who characterized the way of thinking and in particularly its radical modus operandi, was Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi – the Al-Qaeda emir in Iraq (assassinated in 2006).

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