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A Model of the Islamic State: The Case of Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen

As is known, the paramount aspiration of Global Jihad is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the lands once under the dominion of Islam and its rule of Sharia. Once this aspiration has been fulfilled, it will be possible to focus on a second-most important goal: the expansion of the caliphate to additional territories, which are under the control of non-Muslim “infidels”. This goal is not unique to the Global Jihad movement; it is shared by additional Islamic movements, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. However, Global Jihad has a different plan of action than do these other movements, a violent, bellicose one exemplified by an aggressive, offensive (as opposed to defensive) Jihad.

“Islamic Emirates” – functioning nation-states under the rule of Islamic law – in effect represent an interim stage in the process of realizing this overarching vision of establishing an Islamic caliphate. Abu Saed Al-Amili, a Salafi Jihadist Sheikh who has a notable presence on Jihadist forums, sees these Emirates as successful to a certain extent, for having progressed from being part of an ideological movement to actual statehood. In other words, they have made the transition from being part of a narrow organizational framework to becoming ruling powers that control actual territory or territories, which have been forcibly freed from the rule of secular infidels.

Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Ghazi Al-Ansari, a Palestinian Salafi Jihadist, concurs that securing the territory is essential to establishing an Islamic Emirate. As of this writing, it is possible to identify a number of notable Islamic Emirates or “states”. In April 2010, the Jihadist propaganda center “Da’awat Al-Haqq Lil-Dirasat Wal-Buhuth”, which is under the auspices of Al-Shabab Al-Mujahideen movement in Somalia, published a booklet titled “A Real, Living Model of the State Envisioned by Al-Qaeda” on various forums. As indicated by its title and stressed in its content, this booklet presents the state established by Al-Shabab as an ideal model of the future Islamic caliphate.

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