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The Jihadi Dialogue following the Terrorist Attack in Stockholm

Two explosions shook the center of Stockholm, the Swedish capital, on December 11th 2010. At first, a car bomb detonated in one of the main streets of the city. Several minutes later, a suicide bomber blew himself up. As a result of the explosion, the terrorist was killed and a number of people were injured.

A short time before the explosions, the Swedish TT news agency received a threatening letter mentioning Sweden’s military presence in Afghanistan and the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, published five years ago in the Swedish press.

This attack, considered to be the first suicide attack in Scandinavia, aroused a widespread wave of responses on the Jihadi forums. The forum participants praised the attack, even though it did not result in any casualties, and called for a continuation of attacks on European soil.
This document aims to summarize the main points in the leading Jihadi forums, following the terrorist attack in Sweden.

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