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Exposure of a Hezbollah Terrorist Network in Egypt – Summary and Characteristics

On April 9th, 2009, the Egyptian media reported extensively on the exposure of a 49 member terrorist network, which operated in Egypt on behalf of the Lebanese Hezbollah organization. 

The exposure of Hezbollah’s terrorist network in Egypt infuriated the Egyptians, who perceived this as a serious attack against the dignity and sovereignty of Egypt by Hezbollah and Iran.

The existence of a terrorist network for a number of years fits well into Hezbollah’s strategy to establish operational infrastructures outside Lebanon, as a base for future operations in these areas. This infrastructure also gathered intelligence on Israeli targets in Egypt, apparently in order to perpetrate an attack in revenge for the assassination of ‘Imad Mughniyye.

This modus operandi exposed in the Egyptian context, was a sort of window, enabling a glance into the way that Hezbollah establishes its terrorist networks abroad, even in countries which do not perceive Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

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