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Yemen: The Campaign against Global Jihad – Situation Report and Directions of Development

The struggle raging between global Jihad activists and the Yemeni regime poses a great question mark over the Yemeni government’s ability to cope with these developments, and increases fear of greater control over the country by the Jihadists.

The scenario of Jihadist control is not unrealistic and if it occurs, there will be a control/influence continuity on various levels of the terrorist organizations in Iraq, Yemen and Somalia – a scenario that may also affect the international shipping routes in Aden Bay, and later on along the Somalia coast, turning the region into an area of piracy and terrorist organizations’ activity.

The connection between the Yemeni Jihadi infrastructure and two terrorist attacks against the United States (the attack at the Texas military base carried out by Nidal Malek Hassan in November 2009, and the failed attempt to blow up an American passenger plane in December 2009) have moved the danger arising from the Yemeni infrastructure into the spotlight and drawn international attention.

This document aims to present an analysis of the recent trends in Yemen while mapping the state of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), and the Jihadi dialogue surrounding the situation in Yemen, in view of the developments in the local and international theaters.

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