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Tag: Hezbollah

The Escalation on the Northern Front

Expert Q&A Abstract Since October 7, 2023, Hezbollah has engaged in a war of attrition against Israel on the northern front, aiming to divert Israeli forces from Gaza. Despite both sides’ stated reluctance for full-scale war, recent escalations have heightened tensions. This report delves into

Hezbollah Terror Plot in Brazil

Abstract This article examines a thwarted Hezbollah terror plot targeting Jewish sites in Brazil, orchestrated by two Brazilian nationals of Middle Eastern descent, facilitated by Hezbollah’s shift in strategy from using trained agents to employing local recruits via intermediaries. The narrative unfolds with the arrest

The War in Gaza From Local to Regional

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned on April 20, 2023, that Israel would likely no longer see limited conflicts on single fronts, but rather would have to face a multi-front escalation in the near future. Defense Minister Galant’s warning proved to be correct and Israel is

A Match Made in Heaven: The Hezbollah-Amal Nexus

Over the past decades, Hezbollah has built a well-oiled, multi-billion-dollar illicit finance and drug-trafficking machine in Latin America that launders organized crime’s ill-gotten gains through multiple waypoints in the Western Hemisphere, West Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, generating hundreds of millions of annual revenues.