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Author: Fighel, Jonathan (Col. Ret.)

The “Islamization” of the Palestinian Flag

Hamas rulers marshaled hundreds of thousands of supporters to a huge anniversary rally held in Gaza in 14 December 2008, marking 21 years of its founding. The Islamic extremist group bragged about its violent exploits, promised more money to Gaza’s impoverished people, and announced it

International Terrorism in Germany: An Ongoing Threat

The military campaign against Afghanistan is only the initial foray in a long, hard— sometimes frustrating—struggle against terrorism. It would be a major mistake to target only Osama bin Ladin and his organization. Islamic radicals all over the world constitute a real and immediate danger

“Jenin Al Kassam” – A Hothouse of Terrorism

During the past 18 months, the Islamic Jihad has become the main initiator of suicide terrorism in Israel. The primary launching pad of the suicide bombers is the Palestinian autonomous city of Jenin—and in particular the poorer neighborhood known as the “refugee camp”. Of the

Treason and Espionage in the Name of Jihad

On the 28th February 2003, the internet site published an appeal to Muslims to betray their countries for the sake of Jihad. This site is popular among followers of Osama bin Ladin and his al-Qaida network, and is particularly designed to appeal to young

The Continuing Al-Qaida Threat

After the elimination of most of its bases in Afghanistan, al-Qaida has activated other camps in other countries. According to Western intelligence sources, some of these bases are in the former Soviet republic of Georgia and in the region of Chechnya. Nor have recent arrests—such

Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Female Suicide Bombers

The participation of women in Palestinian terrorism is increasing. Israeli security forces are aware of as many as twenty cases in which women were involved in terrorist activity against Israeli targets; some as facilitators, while others operated at the most radical level, carrying out suicide

Great East Islamic Raiders Front (IBDA-C) – A Profile

The Islamic Great Eastern Raiders-Front is basically a Sunni Salafist group that advocates Islamic rule in Turkey and considers Turkey’s present secular leadership to be “illegal.” In the past it has cooperated with various opposition elements in Turkey in attempting to destabilize the Turkey’s unique

Counter-Terrorism and Mosques

In many cases, the mosque is the heart of the community both socially and spiritually. Any counter-terrorism activity in these places must be carefully planned. This includes not just the raid itself, but includes activities in the stages prior to and after the raid.

Jihad in Uzbekistan Suicide bombings spread to Uzbekistan

Police and military clashed with suspected terrorists, including three suicide bombers, 22 people were killed in a third day of violence started on 29 March 2004 in the Uzbek capital during a sweep to round up Islamic militants. According to Associated Press, attacks continued on

Plot to Down El Al Plane Thwarted

A plot to blow up an El Al plane at Geneva’s international airport has been thwarted by Swiss intelligence agencies. The authorities uncovered a terrorist cell that was plotting to strike an Israeli plane while it was taking off through an RPG rocket attack in

Hamas and the “Pragmatists”

Hamas, in an effort to appear more pragmatic, has chosen two so-called “moderates” to fill positions in the new Palestinian government. But what makes these individuals “pragmatic” is the fact that they are willing to negotiate with Israel in the short term, while still engaging

A New Jihad Flotilla initiative to Gaza

Hamas wishes to continue its naval Jihad with the help of its financiers and affiliates in Turkey. The basic Israeli assumption that a greater flow of goods and supplies via checkpoints in Gaza would diminish Hamas motivation to continue its naval aid operations seems to have been wrong.

The Libyan Aid Ship to Gaza

The Gadhafi Development Foundation, organizers of the Amal (“hope”) ship, which set sail with humanitarian aid for the Hamas government in Gaza, was involved in humanitarian activities proven as back channel assistance to terror organizations. A closer look at the Libyan ransom payments to release

Thank You America: The “Democratic Process” in Egypt

The election of Muhammad Mursi to the presidency of Egypt, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt 84 years after its founding by Hassan Al-Banna, is an historical, political earthquake which will be discussed for years to come, whose significance will

Al-Qaeda’s Lebanese Ambitions

Al-Qaeda could expand its activities into Lebanon exploiting the current conflict there. Such a move, already publicly urged by Al-Qaeda leaders, could not be ruled out despite the gap between the predominantly Sunni Muslim group and Lebanon’s militant Shiite Hezbollah.

American accused of training with al-Qaida in Somalia

Terror suspect Daniel Joseph Maldonado is the first American accused of training with al-Qaida in Somalia. He was returned to the U.S. last week and charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction outside the U.S. and knowingly receiving military-type training from a

Hamas’ Mujaheed – The Minister of Justice

Following the military take over of Gaza by Hamas in summer 2007, some analysts still differentiate between the “military” and the “political” wings of Hamas, drawing on the similar distinction in the IRA to prove their case. The case of the late Hamas Minister of Justice

In the Wake of the Mumbai Attacks

The 26 November 2008 terror offensive in Mumbai is unusual not only for India, but on an international scale too. Authorities in India said Thursday at least 155 people were killed and at least 327 injured when suspected Islamic militants attacked 10 sites in Mumbai.

The Saudi Double-Game

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of Saudi Arabia’s double-standard approach to ideological counter-radicalization. Saudi de-radicalization efforts are examined in the context of their ideological, religious and historical status, revealing a plethora of complex issues and inconsistencies.

The “Radicalization Process” in Prisons

Prisons can play a critical role in both triggering and reinforcing the radicalization process. The prison’s isolated environment, ability to create a “captive audience” atmosphere, its absence of day-to-day distractions, and its large population of disaffected young men, makes it an excellent breeding ground for

Hamas Minister killed in Gaza

Hamas’ minister, Said Siam, considered one of the most senior members of the Palestinian group’s leadership, was killed on 15 January 2009 afternoon in an Israeli air strike on his brother’s home in Gaza City. Siam, 50, is the most senior Hamas figure was killed

Operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza – Military Push Needed

In order to further strike Hamas, the ground offensive must be expanded and more forces should be thrown into battle intended to maintain the operational and the psychological pressure and the momentum to crash and suppress Hamas’ remaining operational capabilities and influence its leaders’ motivations.

Hamas In Gaza – Urban Warfare Strategy

Urban warfare is the most difficult battlefield, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad have a relative advantage, with local knowledge and prepared positions. Israeli Army has also come prepared for a battle both sides knew was inevitable. The asymmetric urban battle is waged among civilians and

Islamization or Secularization of the Palestinian Cause

Muhammad Dahlan: “There is no difference between Al-Qaeda and Hamas”. The Palestinian national aspirations, as traditionally reflected by Muhammad Dahlan, towards a rational pragmatic two states solution, are threatened by the Islamic Hamas. Hamas’ maximal, irrational radical Islamic aspirations pose an internal Palestinian danger to