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Hamas-Iz A-Din Al Qassam Brigades senior terror commander killed

The IDF killed Amir Yusuf Mansi, who was the commander of Hamas rocket cells operating in the Gaza City area. Manasi, engineer in his education, was killed in aerial assault while firing mortar shells at IDF forces in Gaza. According to the Israeli army Mansi played a major role in Grad rocket strategy concept adopted from Hezbollah in Lebanon and its implementation and deployment during the past years as a strategic weapon waging attacks on Israeli communities. Mansi was killed in an aerial assault while attempting to fire mortar shells at IDF ground forces.[1] According to Hamas forum, Amir Mansi was the senior son of the Hamas communication minister Dr. Yusuf Mansi.[2]

Minister Dr. Mansi is a PHD in building construction, after his return from Saudi Arabia where he spent 13 years; in 1993 he was appointed as construction engineer at the engineering department of the Islamic University in Gaza, which is known as a Hamas stronghold. Within this capacity, he was the chief designer of construction facilities of the university including its laboratories, which were used by Hamas. The Hamas government in Gaza, on 18 March 2007 appointed him as the minister of telecom and information technology.[3]

Hamas used these laboratories that were an inseparable part of Hamas’ research and development program, as well as places that served as storage facilities for the organization. The development of these weapons took place under the auspices of senior lecturers who are activists in Hamas. Among the weapons that have been developed and manufactured at this site are Qassam rockets. The Israeli Air Force raided the laboratories on 29 December 2008 within Cast Lead operation against Hamas.

Additionally, Dr. Mansi was the Dean of the engineering department of the Islamic university in Gaza, involved as chief engineer in planning clinics financed and operated by several charitable organizations that are known to be Hamas front organizations which were designated out lawed by Israel and the USA. Among them are the Islamic Society in Gaza (founded by Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin) and Dar Al Salam in Khan Younis (known as a Hamas front), a feasibility study for KindHearts charitable organization in Gaza, which was outlawed and its assets were frozen in the USA. On February 19, 2006 U.S. law enforcement authorities have frozen the assets of an Ohio-based Islamic charity organization, KindHearts, which is linked to Hamas, the Palestinian group it accuses of backing terrorism.[4]





[4]Treasury Freezes Assets of Organization Tied to Hamas