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Tag: Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Jordan and the War in Gaza

The war in Gaza poses difficult challenges to the Hashemite Kingdom, and this happens after a year in which Jordan faced internal crises and external threats (an intra-family crisis and severe economic and social pressures). King Abdullah II knows that his policy regarding the war

The Goals of Hamas’ Terrorist Attack on Israel from Gaza

The strategic surprise attack on Israel from Gaza, on 07 October 2023, needs a thorough analysis to understand all its intelligence and operational failures aspects and their impact on Israel, on the regional arena, and beyond. This paper will evaluate the strategic goals of Hamas

Hamas Media Campaign: “Al Aqsa Flood”

On 07 OCTOBER 2023, Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group based in the Gaza Strip, began a devastating and coordinated attack that shook Israel. Beginning at approximately 0630 (UTC+03), Hamas launched a massive rocket barrage targeting civilian areas while simultaneously Hamas terrorist operatives initiated infiltration operations,