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The First Islamist nuclear threat against the United States

On December 26th 2002, the moderator of the radical Islamist Internet forum – Abu Shihab al-Qandahari – published a short article titled “The nuclear war is the solution for the destruction of the United States.” The forum is one of the main web sites of supporters of Qa`idat al-Jihad, and one of its most popular among radical Muslim youngsters. The author, nicknamed al-Qandahari, is a popular figure among the participants of the Islamist forums of al-Qa`idah supporters and one of the older ones there, and fought in Afghanistan. He appears to be of Yemeni origin, according to previous information he published in several of these forums. Naturally, the article gained lot of enthusiastic reactions in the forum from young sympathizers of al-Qa`idah.

The article could be viewed as a mere threat, which exploits numerous rumors from various sources. It may also be deliberate disinformation regarding al-Qa`idah’s possession of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. Or it could be propaganda aimed at encouraging Islamists. Yet, this is the first time that such a threat has been made publicly by supporters of al-Qa`idah, at least by a figure who is known as close to the al-Qa`idah propaganda apparatus.

The short article is interesting in several aspects. Al-Qandahari writes about the American and Russian use of “dirty” weapons in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Chechnya. Yet, he does not even mention at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This may lead to the conclusion that the use of “dirty” weapons by al-Qa`idah should be a retaliation only against countries that have already used it.

The article is short and the usual “philosophical” elements typical of the writings of Islamist scholars against the United States or the West are missing.

To sum up, even though this may be a false alarm, it would seem to reflect another stage in the escalation in the tone of al-Qa`idah propaganda, and as such, could raise the expectations of Islamists for a “mega operation” against the United States or Russia.

Following is a translation of the article

The nuclear war is the solution for the destruction of the United States

Yes, you did read the title correctly. It is the only way to kill the maximum number of Americans. This is the nuclear terror, which Americans have never feared. In the Second World War, the United States used this weapon twice in three days due to the successful Japanese attack in Pearl Harbor. These days the United States is using the most violent and modern weapons to bomb innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, and totally support the Russian war against the Chechens. Not out of love of the Russians but out of hatred of the Muslims. 

The United States attacked Iraq using weapons that contaminated the lands and water by radiation for thousands of years. Furthermore, it used Uranium bombs to create maximum damage to the lands and human beings, so it could leave Muhammad’s Peninsula after turning it into a forbidden area that no one would consider visiting. Yet, it seems that the beasts of the White House have forgotten one very important fact – and we are very proud to note it – Al-Qa`idah. 

This is the organization that terrorized the core of the infidel West, and made from several youngsters, who own nothing but love for Allah and his messenger, a means to punish the sons of the bitches. Moreover, these youngsters demonstrated the finest example of leaving the materialist life. They could enjoy the good life, yet they ran away from it, wishing only what Allah could give them. They sold their souls to Allah, and he accepted them.

Eye for eye and tooth for tooth. If the Americans have bombs that no one else owns, Al-Qa`idah is stronger. It owns “dirty bombs” and “lethal viruses bombs”, which could cover the American cities with deadly diseases and turn this nation, which is “a professional in contempt for other nations,” into a crowd of contaminated and sick people. The coming days would prove that Qa`idat al-Jihad is capable with Allah’s help, of turning the United States into a lake of lethal radiation, that would seem as the last days of humanity. It would also prove that Al-Qa`idah is very popular all over the Islamic world. 

Yes, the United States and its allies would be destroyed, as a result of the misuse of their power against the weak. Their end is closer now, by the arms of the uprising youngsters, who while riding their horses, never step down but victorious or martyrs. In both cases this is their victory. 

Pray much for your victorious brothers and to Allah who is almighty. 

This is an announcement to all people, to enlighten only the believers. As to the deviates we ask Allah either to direct them or hurry in gathering their souls. As to our enemy – Allah will help us to defeat them. 

Allah is behind all intentions, and he is merciful. 

Abu Shihab al-Qandahari