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Terror Tagging for Iran and Liberal Democracy

“Terror tagging” refers to labeling Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). We argue that terror tagging of Iranian institutions and individuals would facilitate the growth of liberal democracy in Iran, e.g., provide real guarantees to the people of Iran

Hamas: A Gun in One Hand, a Qu’ran in the Other

Hamas (“Islamic Resistance Movement”) is a radical Islamist terror organization that strives to establish a shari’a-based society from the Nile to the Euphrates. The rise of Hamas has been noticeable for several years but the substantial change occurred with the local elections of December 2005,

Who Was Imad Mughniyeh?

The assassination of arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh was welcome news in Washington, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, and, albeit quietly, Beirut and Baghdad. For Hizballah and Damascus, however, the loss of Mughniyeh — who was a brilliant military tactician, a key contact to Tehran, and a successful

Cargo Containers in Transit – The Iranian Threat

Iran has been transferring in recent years large amounts of weapons to well-known terrorist groups in Lebanon and Gaza by various means. One of the ways Iran has found to be very effective is using maritime containers which ship through intermediate ports on their way

The Jihadist Governance Dilemma

After making astounding territorial gains in its war against the Iraqi government, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – which has refashioned itself “the Islamic State” – declared that it had reestablished the caliphate. The group’s gains put a spotlight on several questions related

The War on Terror in the Shadow of the Iraq Crisis

On December 4, 2002, Bruce Hoffman, Daniel Benjamin, and Matthew Levitt addressed The Washington Institute’s Special Policy Forum. Hoffman is vice president of external relations at RAND and author of Inside Terrorism (Columbia University Press, 1998). Benjamin is a senior fellow at the Center for

Fatah-Hamas Relations – Rapprochement or Ready to Rumble?

Parallel to the Palestinian armed struggle against Israel is a power struggle between Hamas and Fatah. Years of tensions have culminated in Gaza street clashes between the two organizations in recent weeks. An Egyptian-sponsored summit designed to achieve rapprochement between the two groups sputtered in

Osama bin Ladin as the New Prophet of Islam

At the beginning of July 2003, a new Bin Ladin audiotape roughly 30 minutes long was disseminated via the web sites identified al-Qaida supporters. It is unclear when the tape was recorded, nor whether the speaker is in fact Osama bin Ladin. However, the tape

Terror at Sea – The Maritime Threat

In the aftermath of the devastating attacks of 11 September 2001, governments around the world began scrambling to assess their vulnerability to terrorist groups. Security agencies now view maritime transport as a prime target for future attacks. By Ophir Falk and Yaron Schwartz

Interview with Prof. Erroll G. Southers

Prof. Erroll G. Southers is currently visiting Israel and serving as a Visiting Fellow at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). He was the first Presidential nominee for Assistant Secretary of the TSA, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Deputy Director in the California Office of Homeland Security and

Al Qaeda’s Final Dance: A Deadly Tango for Two

The popular uprisings in Northern Africa and the Middle East carry a very strong message. They are showing us, professionals involved in the field of counter-terrorism, and our politicians the best way forward in our struggle against political violence. The message is that the best

What makes Erdogan tick?

Clearly, the dramatic changes the Israel-Turkey relationship have undergone over the past three years have a lot to do with the man who has been prime minister of Turkey since 2003. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been especially outspoken in his criticism of Israel, and has

Re-Open the 9/11 Investigation Now

The passage of time since September 11, 2001, has not diminished the distrust many of us feel surrounding the official story of how 9/11 happened and, more specifically, who financed and supported it. After eleven years, the time has come for the families of the

Toulouse Gunman’s Link to UK Extremists

News reports today have linked the Toulouse gunman responsible for the murders of seven people, now identified as French citizen Mohammed Merah, to a recently banned French extremist group with connections to Britain. Named Forsane Alizza (FA – the Knights of Pride), the group bears

The Jihadist Threat and Grassroots Defense

Mr. Fred Burton and Mr. Scott Stewart It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Egyptian al Qaeda contingent in Pakistan. On Aug. 12, Pakistani security sources confirmed that an Aug. 8 operation in Bajaur resulted in the death of al Qaeda leader

Aum Shinrikyo – Supreme Truth

Written by Dr. Ely Karmon and Yael Shahar A cult established in 1987 by Shoko Asahara, Aum aims to take over Japan and then the world; its organizational structure mimics that of a nation-state, with “ministries” and a “pope secretariat.” Followers are controlled by a mix

Terrorist Attacks against Hospitals Case Studies

Approximately 100 terrorist attacks have been perpetrated at hospitals worldwide, in 43 countries on every continent, killing approximately 775 people and wounding 1,217 others.  The large number of patients, visitors and medical staff on hand all but ensure that an attack on a hospital will

Dangerous liaisons

Despite the global focus on the dangers of systematic and organised crime, the pharmaceutical industry has revealed itself to be vulnerable to acts of terrorism. Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, Dr. Boaz Ganor and Mollie Shields- Uehling reveal the steps that the industry should take to

Pharmaceuticals: Target For terrorism

Written by Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli and Dr. Boaz Ganor Slowly and steadily, terrorism, like a malignant cancer, has entered our lives. What once was an occasional event on the other side of the world can no longer be ignored as someone else’s problem. Terrorists, alone,

Pipeline of Terror

Written by Dr. Boaz Ganor and Dr. Miriam Halperin Wernli. As the knowledge of manufacturing drugs and the processes behind it increase, the industry could be leaving itself wide open to a potential terrorist attack if proper security controls are not implemented. First published in

Dangerous Liaisons: Terrorism and Pharma

How vulnerable is Big Pharma to the predations of organized terrorist groups or that rogue malcontent with an agenda to wreak havoc on society? Two international security experts say it may only be a matter of time—and that the best protection against that vulnerability is

The Paris Attack and the Terrorist Threat to Hospitals

On January 7, 2015, Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi (two brothers born and raised in France) entered the headquarters of the French satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” and opened fire, killing twelve people and injuring eleven. Written By Prof. Boaz Ganor & Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli

Wireless Medical Device Technology – Still Secure Enough?

Medtech manufacturers and users need to be ever alert to the risk of theft of intellectual property, regulatory violations, and loss of proprietary information assets. Security should be a top priority for executives thinking of entering the market with innovative medical devices, according to Miri

The Lone Wolf

Written by Dr. Miri Halperin Wemli and Prof. Boaz Ganor As terrorist plots dominate the headlines, biopharma companies remain vulnerable to a wide range of intrusions motivated by criminal objectives. The industry cannot afford to neglect any data access gaps, or front door and inside

The Threat Of Chemical Terrorism

Written by Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli and Prof. Boaz Ganor The phenomenon of modern terrorism, in the framework of which non-state actors use violence targeted against civilians in order to achieve political goals by spreading fear and panic among the general public, is not new.

External Signs of Radicalization and Jihadist Militancy

By Javier Jordán and Fernando M. Mañas, University of Granada (Spain) Translated by Peter Billerbeck, University of St Thomas (USA) Is it possible to know if we are before a jihadist judging solely by exterior appearances? It is, in fact, very difficult to respond to

Islamist Radicalization in the United States

By Lauren Ballback & John Ransom This paper aims to analyze the process of radicalization among Muslims in the United States. After providing an overview of the Muslim population and community structure, the paper examines overall trends and cases In order to explain the causes and

Identifying Money Transfers and Terror Finance Infrastructure

While monitoring Bitcoin address 1LaNXgq2ctDEa4fTha6PTo8sucqzieQctq, an irregular increase in the scope of activity has been identified compared to a previous review. A deeper review showed that the same address served a seemingly legitimate financial website by the name of cash4ps, which has been active in