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Author: Falk, Ophir (Dr.)

Security and Liberty

Security and Liberty – Striking a Balance

“The State of Israel is undergoing a difficult period… We are doing all we can to balance properly between human rights and the security of the area. In this balance, human rights cannot receive complete protection as if there were no terror, and State security

Give Deradicalization a Chance

It is in the best interest for anyone interested in peace that released prisoners be productive citizens rather than destructive combatants. First published  in The Jerusalem Post. By Dr. Boaz Ganor and Ophir Falk

The American Vote

The presidential candidate more likely to prevent a nuclear Iran should get the American vote. There are a number of other important issues in the upcoming elections, but preventing a nuclear Iran stands above and beyond all else. Everything else pales in comparison. First published

The Oslo Process – Fate or Folly?

In her celebrated book “The March of Folly”, the noted American historian Barbara Tuchman provided a fascinating account of historical cases that were a paragon of political foolhardiness and reckless policy. Tuchman defined “Folly” as a policy consisting of a triad of factors: 1. It

We must reshuffle the deck

With the recent unraveling of events in Gaza, Israel and the international community have an opportunity to reshuffle the deck in this terror-riddled region. This opportunity must not be wavered.