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Threats of Jewish Population Around the World

This analysis focuses on the increased threats and calls for violence against Jewish and Israeli targets globally, particularly in the context of the campaign in Gaza and subsequent actions by Hamas and other jihadist groups. Islamic State (IS) and Al-Qaeda have both issued calls for attacks not only in Israel but also against Jews worldwide and nations allied with Israel. IS’s messaging, through its official publications, emphasizes a broader conflict beyond the Israeli-Palestinian issue, urging attacks on Jewish neighborhoods, embassies, and economic interests globally. They also advocate for direct attacks against Israel and its allies’ military installations. Al-Qaeda, similarly, supports Hamas and urges a wider jihad against Jewish, Christian, and Israeli targets, calling for support from Muslim communities in neighboring regions. The analysis also notes the involvement of Hezbollah, aligned with the Iranian resistance axis, threatening increased action against Israel in support of Hamas, indicating a broader regional involvement and a potential escalation of the conflict beyond Palestinian territories.