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Periodical Review: Summary from the Jihadi Forums – The Second Half of February 2013

This report summarizes notable events discussed on jihadist Web forums during the Second Half of February 2013. Following are the main points covered in the report:

• Sheikh Ibrahim al-Rubaish, the mufti of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), urges Muslims not to relinquish implementing shari’a [Islamic law], and to withstand Western attempts to thwart their efforts. Despite the high cost and many martyrs that this will exact, continued commitment to da’wa and jihad for this sacred purpose will guarantee its success. Al-Rubaish also urges Sunni Arabs, especially those under existential threat from Iranian-backed Shi’ites, to arm themselves and prepare for imminent battle.
• Nigerian jihadist group Boku Haram takes responsibility for kidnapping French citizens from Cameroon – to protest the French-led campaign against jihadists in northern Mali. Ansar Al-Muslimin in the Lands of the Black Africans admits to kidnapping seven foreign citizens in northern Nigeria for the same reason.
• Gazan Salafi-jihadist media center Ibn Taymiyyah urges Muslims to abduct Israeli soldiers and use them as “bargaining chips”, and to storm prisons in Israel and the Palestinian Authority so as to release Muslim prisoners.
• The Islamic State of Iraq launches a new jihadist media center: Al-’Itisaam.
• For a limited time only, jihadist media outlet Fursan Al-Balagh welcomes to its ranks new recruits who wish to promote the mujahideen and Islam.
• The jihadist media center Dawat Al-Haq proposed a plan for increasing and strengthening the presence of jihadists in Syria after the fall of the Syrian regime.
• Salafi-jihadist Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) launches its first English-language magazine: Alrashideen [The Righteous].

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