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ICT Cyber-Desk Report: Trends in Cyberspace – Annual Summary 2017


In the modern era of 2017, cyberspace constitutes an integral part of daily life. Its many benefits make it possible to perform a wide range of actions more easily than ever before. As a global and cross-border entity, the Internet enables a broad distribution that would not be possible if not for the use of this infrastructure, and at a record speed. 1Terrorist organizations have long recognized the potential of the Internet as a platform for disseminating their ideology and promoting their agenda. The nature of the deployment and action patterns of global jihad organizations, coupled with technological developments, required the organizations to develop operating, control and training capabilities on the Internet. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in Internet use as well as in its level of sophistication. Today, the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organization serves as a leader in exploiting the Internet for its needs.