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Cyber Toufan al-Aksa Hacker Group Join the Cease Fire

On November 22nd, Cyber Toufan al-Aksa hacker group released a press statement on their official Telegram channel, declaring they will halt their ongoing operations against Israel in cyberspace in light of the Israel-Hamas ceasefire. They expressed their intent to resume operations after the ceasefire, with a focus on targeting major Israeli corporations. This alignment with the ceasefire reflects their close connection to the resistance axis.

Since first appeared on October 27th, the group has demonstrated superior capabilities compared to other pro-Palestinian linked Hamas hacking groups. Their activities, which focus on breaching servers, databases, and leaking information, strongly suggest, support from a nation-state, with indications pointing towards Iran as the likely supporter.

Cyber Toufan hacking group – press release. (Source: Telegram November 22nd, 2023)

Their cyber-attacks, labeled as #OpCyberToufan, aim to expose sensitive information from Israeli entities, including both governmental organizations and private companies. Key examples of their cyber-attacks include leaking data from Israel Innovation Authority, Ikea, Radware Cyber Security Company and Max Security & Intelligence. They have also coordinated with other hacker groups under Op-Israel part of an ongoing operation against Israel under the so called collective Anonymous. 

Left: Cyber Toufan post on Radware leaks (Source: Telegram); Right: list of hacking groups operating together against Israel part of Anonymous Op-Israel (Source: Telegram).

Cyber Toufan hacker group has been also engaged in psychological warfare against Israel by releasing videos and media that issue threats in Hebrew. Their primary publications focus on justifying their cyber-attacks on Israel, citing retaliation for what they perceive as Israeli cruelty and crimes.“To all the Zionist companies and organizations affected, those who are aware, and those who are yet to be informed – your turn will come, one by one. Netanyahu has chosen a path of self-destruction. You are merely collateral damage. We will not cease our actions as long as the war persists. The choice is ultimately yours”.

Left: Logo; Right: CCTV breach as showcased by the hacking group on one of their threatening videos.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has caused a surge in cyber-attacks against Israel linked to a variety of threat actors. As such, the cyberspace has evolved into an additional battleground, where hackers, including groups like Cyber Toufan al-Aksa, employ sophisticated tactics hand in hand with propaganda to advance their agendas.