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Author: Sahni, Ajai

Waziristan: A Stygian Dark

After months of ‘preparation’ – massive and often indiscriminate bombings in the region, as well as the massing of Forces, blockades and endless curfews – there are now credible reports that the Pakistan Army is poised to ‘storm’ the principal strongholds of the Islamist terrorist

The Noise before Defeat

The US strategy in Afghanistan has seen a decade of unrelenting failure. The US has sought to repackage the killing of Osama bin Laden and other al Qaeda-Taliban leaders as a grand strategic success and a prelude to an ordered withdrawal from Afghanistan. The truth

The Iraq War and the ‘Deluge of Terror’

As the war in Iraq intensifies, reports of ‘peace demonstrations’ as well as more explicitly anti-US and Islamist extremist protests accumulate across South Asia. These have been given great prominence in the media and have fed Western apprehensions that the Iraqi campaign will give rise

Blind Destinies

For centuries, outsiders have defined the critical turning points of destiny across South Asia, and this does not appear to have changed. There is an evident collapse of leadership across much of the region, and an incapacity to capitalize even on the tremendous gains that

Troubled Torpor

In their frenetic search for novelty, the media have discovered a ‘new sophistication’ in the serial blasts in Ahmedabad, and startling innovation in the fact that the attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad occurred on successive days. They also discovered the usual ‘prior warnings’ and ‘intelligence

Mumbai: The Uneducable Indian

This article offers a comprehensive critical analysis of the political and operational response provided by the Indian government to the devastating attacks in Mumbai.

Sri Lanka – Out of Chaos

This article examines the process, outcome and ramifications of the counter-insurgency opration in Sri Lanka, aimed at eradicating the terrorist threat that originated in the Tamil resistance.