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Author: Rich, Dave

Anders Behring Breivik’s political platform

First published in the CST Blog When Anders Behring Breivik set out to commit mass murder last Friday, he left behind a huge amount of material explaining his motivations, intentions and preparations: mainly in the form of a 1,516-page written manifesto and a 12 minute video.

The Mavi Marmara Metaphor

The recent Gaza flotilla efforts are vivid examples of the working alliance between Islamists and leftists in Europe that emerged out of anti-Israel demonstrations after the start of the second Intifada in October 2000. There is no other conflict in the world which would have motivated Islamist and leftist

Recognising the threat of far right terrorism

The appalling and tragic events in Norway on Friday have served as an horrific reminder that Europe’s far right is capable of producing terrorists, who are just as willing to kill in large numbers as any jihadi terrorist group. First published in the CST Blog