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Author: Ramana, Siddharth

The New York Bomb Plot

The 2 May 2010 attempted detonation of a car bomb in New York City, United States, should be considered as another near miss incident on the United States’ terror radar. What remains a pivotal edge which authorities have against terrorist groups is the public support,

The German link in the European Terror Plot

In late September 2010, the United States issued a travel advisory for its citizens warning against travel to European cities. This occurred in the backdrop of a high terror alert across European countries of France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom; all countries are known

Maldives: A Fresh Look at the Terror Threat

Since the terrorist attack at Male’s Sultan Park in 2007, the actions of radical Islamists in the Maldives have attaracted the attention of several international observers. This commentary delves into the recent developments in the region.