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Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites November 2016


  • Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic Caliphate, makes a public appearance after a one-year absence, and calls on the organization’s fighters to remain steadfast in the face of attacks by the Crusader-Shi’ite coalition and its allies, and to continue its unwavering battle on various fronts. According to him, the enemy wants to destroy the Caliphate out of a deep fear that its existence will contribute to the spread of Islam around the world and, therefore, it is cooperating with the infidel Alawite regime in Syria. Al-Baghdadi calls on Muslims in Saudi Arabia to revolt against the Saudi regime, and he emphasizes that jihad fighters are allowed to attack Turkey’s security and kill its soldiers because of its activities against them and because of its cooperation with their enemies. According to him, Muslims who want to join the Caliphate’s war effort in arenas of jihad in Syria and Iraq but have difficulty reaching them can help the effort by migrating to other fronts of the Caliphate.
  • The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan claims responsibility for two terrorist attacks, the first against the German Consulate and the second against a US air base in Afghanistan. In the first attack, the entire Consulate building was destroyed and all of the Germans who were inside the building were killed. According to the spokesman for the Emirate, the casualties included a German intelligence team that was entrusted with planning operations, including air strikes against Emirate fighters in northern Afghanistan, and that provided intelligence to US army forces. The second attack was carried out against a US Air Force base in Bagram by a suicide terrorist who planted explosives on the base over a long period of time until he identified an opportune time to carry out the attack. 23 Americans were killed in the attack. According to the Emirate, this attack was preceded by a four-month preparatory operation.
  • Al-Qaeda publishes an announcement regarding “the martyr’s death of the commander, Faruq al-Qahtani, and his family members in Kunar Province”. According to the announcement, al-Qahtani served as the battalion’s military commander in Nooristan and Kunar Provinces, and was killed in an attack by US forces. The latter had previously tried to assassinate him but this time they succeeded in killing him and his family members who were with him in the car at the time, thereby adding to the crime. The announcement also states that the US continues to carry out crimes in Muslim lands: in Afghanistan and Iraq by cooperating with the Shi’ites, in Syria by giving the green light to the Syrian regime to cooperate with the Russians, in Burma by financially supporting the Buddhist regime that persecutes Muslims, and by continuing to carry out air strikes in Gaza, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Mali.
  • Ibrahim al-Qusi Khabib al-Sudani, a senior member of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks by emphasizing that the US is in a state of weakness and that it was not successful in defeating the mujahideen.  On the contrary, today the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan has managed to maintain its power and to impose shari’a in areas under its control. Al-Sudani accuses the US of carrying out crimes against Muslims, and emphasizes that Muslims must continue their battle against the US and increase the scope of terrorist attacks against the Crusaders and their collaborators. In addition, he sends a message to US citizens that they will continue to serve as targets for attacks around the world as long as the US government continues to act against the Muslim Nation and support Israel.
  • The Islamic State encourages the execution of terrorist attacks at polling stations in the framework of US presidential elections. In addition, the organization calls on Muslims to avoid going to the stations since such participation serves as a contradiction to the principles of Islam.
  • Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula dedicates INSPIRE magazine to the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. According to the organization, the US is still gripped by fear and terror due to these events and due to the phenomenon of “lone wolf” attacks. In addition, the organization publishes a guidebook analyzing the modus operandi of three attacks that were carried out by Muslims in New Jersey, Minnesota and Chelsea in the US, including advice on how to prepare such attacks.

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