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ISIS Launches Operation to Support Palestinians

On October 20, 2023, the ISIS organization published through the weekly “Alanba”, No. 413, an operation to support Muslims in Palestine. The document talks about three main ways in which believers around the world can join the campaign against Israel and in favor of the Palestinians:

  1. Military and aggressive actions against Jews worldwide, synagogues, Jewish institutions and economic interests.
  2. Cognitive and influential actions to explain the murderous attack by Hamas and its rationale, which is religious-ideological rather than national and limited to a place.
  3. Victory that will come through attunement and prayers.

The intense propaganda on social networks and the joining of the Islamist Jihad organizations to the campaign, led to an increase in reports of anti-Semitism worldwide, attacks on Jews, intimidation, violence and bullying are increasing.

In the previous decade, the Western world waged a war of attrition against the Islamic State. The campaign was united with the understanding that the threat is shared by all and resulted in the destruction of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Just like then, the free world needs to understand today that the threat is not unique to Israel or the Jews and that the attack is not related to geographic space or national identity. This is a global war, and it will reach every corner. Therefore, the whole world is required to unite around the anti-jihadist-Islamic messages. The battle, as ISIS points out, is religious-ideological: against the Jews, against the Christians, against those who are not Muslim, against the Muslim rulers who are not Islamic. 

Below is the content of the manifesto:

The first way: Military Victory

  1. Voting on (attacking) Jewish neighborhoods in America, Europe and the rest of the world.
  2. Attacking the Jews and the crusader embassies with fire and vandalism.
  3. Voting on (attacking) synagogues scattered everywhere.
  4. Attacking Jewish nightclubs and killing their people.
  5. Focusing on Jewish economic interests scattered around the world.

The second way: Mental and Influence Actions

  1. Educating generations that the battle with the Jews is purely religious and ideological, neither national nor nationalist.
  2. The battlefield includes all the places where the Jewish presence exists and is not limited to Palestine.
  3. Revealing the truth about the Jews as stated in the Koran, and that the Jews are equal in any time and place.

The third way: Victory Through Prayer

  1. Prayer is the believer’s weapon, and it is a deadly weapon if it comes true. It accompanies all the previous forms of support and is not separate from them.
  2. “We call on you to join the soldiers of the caliphate, who seek to remove the borders and barriers that prevent them from fighting the Jews and who have decided to destroy the armies and overthrow the thrones of power. The Crusaders worked for the Israelites. Establishing a defense, and they incited their brothers everywhere to attack the Jews and oppress them . Inside Palestine and outside, kill them wherever they find them, and move them behind them and plant terror in their hearts, until they cleanse Jerusalem of their politics, God bless, and return its land to the land of Islam again, and that is not difficult for God.”
  3. Only with unity together we will stand and win!