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Global Jihad: Summary from Arabic Sources – The Second Half of November 2010

This report summarizes the most prominent articles related to the subject of global Jihad that have been published in the media in Arabic during the second half of November 2010. Following are the main issues touched upon in this report:

• The Arab media analyzes Al-Qaeda’s new strategy – an economic war of attrition – following the affair of the explosive packages and the publication of a new issue of “Inspire”, the English Jihadi magazine.
• Following the exposure of 19 terrorist cells in Saudi Arabia, the Arab media discusses the modus operandi of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the role that women play in Al-Qaeda.
• Contradicting assessments regarding Al-Qaeda’s involvement follow terrorist attacks against the Houthis in northern Yemen.
• The Arab media discusses the connection between crime and the financing of Al-Qaeda’s terrorist activities in the Islamic Maghreb.

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