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Threats to attack American and French bases and ports in the Persian Gulf

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Since the coalition offensive led by the United States against the “Islamic State” (IS) began, threats made by IS to attack American targets have significantly increased. On 21 February 2015 a member of Al-Minbar jihadi Forum, which supports IS, published an online post under the title “Four Famous Military Bases of the Crusader Occupation in the Emirates: Information and Pictures”. [1] The online post provided information concerning military bases of Western countries and central ports in the Persian Gulf in order to include them as possible targets of future attacks.

The online post mentioned the following sites:

  1. Al Dhafra Air Base, located 32 km southern of Abu Dhabi. The base includes two sets of American Patriot missiles and 380 American crusaders’ aircrafts. In addition it includes Crusader French jets and other French Crusader forces.

  1. Abu Dhabi base, an aircraft-naval French Crusader base in Abu Dhabi. It was opened by the French Crusader President Nicolas Sarkozy six years ago and has approximately 250 French Crusader soldiers. Likewise, it is been financially sponsored by the Emirates with between 15-50 million Euros every year. This base is divided into three military basements:

  1. Naval base which is located in Zayd port and has about 72 French Crusader soldiers.
  2. Aircraft base that includes three French Mirage 5-200 jets and 57 French Crusader soldiers.
  3. Land base that functions as a military base for training French Crusader forces that is found 50km from Abu Dhabi. The base is able to train 93 soldiers of the French Crusader forces.


  1. 3.      Port of Jebel Ali is the biggest port in the Middle East and is located 35km southern-western from Dubai. 5,500 companies from 120 states work at this port and use it mostly as a base for American warships. The port also includes the Nimtz Aircraft carrier and American battleships.

  1. 4.      Fujairah Naval Base is considered as a strategic site near Strait of Hormuz. It has 152 different nationalities of Crusader forces.

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