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Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites March 2019

Main Points

Global jihad activists extend condolences for the Muslim worshipers murdered in the massacre carried out by a right-wing extremist of Australian descent in New Zealand and call on Muslims around the world to carry out revenge attacks. The al-Qaeda leadership noted that this is not a new trend, as the West periodically harms Muslim prayer houses full of worshipers. It called on jihad activists to carry out terrorist attacks on western lands similar to the one perpetrated against the French newspaper “Charlie Hebdo” in 2015 but made it clear that prayer houses should not be harmed as this is not Prophet Muhammad’s way. Its affiliates also called for revenge attacks. The al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb organization even called on Muslims living in the West to emigrate to Muslim countries for fear for their personal security and the inability to uphold their Muslim faith.


Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajer, the spokesman for the Islamic State, threatens revenge attacks on members of the “Democratic Syria Forces” in view of the apparent defeat of its activists in the fighting in al-Baghuz, the last stronghold of the organization in Syria. In addition, he urged the organization’s activists to continue jihad against the enemies. He also condemned the terrorist attack against the Muslim worshipers in New Zealand and called on supporters of the Caliphate to launch revenge attacks wherever there are manifestations of aggression against Muslims.


Khalid bin Umar Batarfi, the spokesman for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, is attacking the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Egyptian Al-Azhar Institute for fostering relations with the Vatican and bringing together the Islamic world and the Christian world. According to him, this is a conspiracy against the religion of Islam and the Muslims designed to shape the religion of Islam in accordance with the will and interests of their Jewish and Christian allies. He said that in the absence of a protest from the clerics on issue, the young people of the Muslim nation should come out against this trend.


Abu Ubaydah al-Anabi, head of the Council of Dignitaries at al-Qaeda dignity in the Islamic Maghreb, expresses support for the popular protest that broke out in Algeria against the intention to extend Bouteflika’s term for the fifth term as the country’s president. According to him, the Algerian people and jihad activists should work together not only to oust Bouteflika but to overthrow the regime as a whole.


Abu Muhammed al-Hashemi, a former senior religious scholar of the Islamic State organization, publishes a book with harsh and tough criticism of the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the organization. According to him, the leadership of the organization is an one motivated by interests, alienated from its members and one that does not hesitate to sacrifice the members of the organization for the sake of strengthening its position and promoting personal interests and therefore he should be ousted from within the organization’s ranks.


 Sheikh ‘Abd al-Haqq al-Turkistani, leader of the Turkistan Islamic Party organization, urges Muslim religious scholars not to abandon the issue of Uyghur Muslims and bring it to the Muslim world’s awareness through every possible platform. According to him, the Muslims in Turkistan today suffer from a very harsh suppression policy on the part of the Chinese authorities and in order to prevent their destruction it is better to bring this problem to awareness.


Jihad operatives identified and affiliated with al-Qaeda in Syria, such as Jabhat Ansar al-Din, view the attack of the Afghan Taliban members on the “Shurab” air base in Afghanistan as a role model and a lesson for the jihad theater in Syria. In their view, one should not be deterred by a long jihad campaign, determination must be shown in the fighting, one must strive to execute high quality offensive operations and exhibit patience.


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