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Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites June 2019



Hibatullah Akhundzada, leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, praises the Afghani Taliban for its success in building up its power while striving to achieve peace that will and end to the occupation of Afghanistan. At the same breath he accused the U.S. and the government in Kabul for their unwillingness to end the war and de facto extending it, inter alia, by supporting corrupt power factions in the country. Additionally, he stressed that the organization stressed the importance of unity and closing ranks within the Afghan people and called upon the Kabul government to terminate its support of the U.S. government to assist with such trend.


Sheikh Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader, clarifies that Muslim clerics have a burden to pass on the religious knowledge to the Islamic nation. Per him, in the modern era, Salafi clerics such as Sheikh Abdallah Azam and Sheikh Umar Abd al-Rahman, thought leaders for Global jihad and major influencers on al-Qaeda succeeded in this task. They have promoted the ideas of jihad and Dawah, considered pillars of Islam, against corrupt regimes. Per al-Zawahiri, the role of the clerics is to clarify the importance of the belief on god and jihad to the Muslims and expose the truth about those who collaborate with the “crusaders” such as the regimes in KSA, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.


Al-Qaeda leadership sends its condolences to the family of Muhammad Moursi, former Egyptian president and the representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Per the leadership, Arab countries such as KSA and UAE persecute Islamists and don’t hesitate to murder, jail and torture them. Additionally, the leadership implored the Egyptians to renew the war against the al-Sisi and start a jihad against him otherwise they will suffer from his persecution policy.


Maulana Asim Umar, a senior al-Qaeda leader in the Indian Sub-Continent, praises the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, for its victories in Afghanistan and points out the defeat of the U.S and its allies in the attempt to beat Al Qaeda. Per him, the various Jihad factions in the various jihad arenas should view the Emirate as a role model where closed ranks and unity among mujahidin is guarantee for success. Additionally, he cautioned from attempts to break the ranks following the activity of ISIS’ extension in Khourasan province.


Sheikh Ali Mahmoud Raji, spokesman for al Shabab al-Mujahidin, the al-Qaeda extension in Somalia, reports an increase of the number of attacks carried out by his organization against their enemies during Ramadan and that the enemy sustained heavy casualties. He also accused the U.S. of killing innocents in Somalia following its attacks on Somali land and its support of the Mogadishu regime. Additionally, he clarified that currently there is a religious war raging between Muslims and Christians in Africa, as is evident from the approach of the Christian regime in Ethiopia. In light of the above, Raji calls upon mujahidin and Muslims to stick with jihad against the Christian forces wishing to oppress them.


ISIS launched a campaign titled “the best result is [reserved] for those who trust Allah”, during which several of ISIS’ extensions renewed their pledge of allegiance to al-Baghdadi. For example, ISIS members in its East Asia province, Pakistan and India renewed their pledge as well as other activists in other theatres such as Iran.


Usama Mahmoud, al-Qaeda spokesman for the Indian sub-continent, eulogizes Dakhir Musa, the leader of Ansar Izat al-Hind, active in Kashmir and identifies with al-Qaeda, who was killed in a skirmish with Indian forces on May 23rd, 2019. Alongside his eulogy Mahmoud called upon the Muslims in Kashmir to adopt Musa’s way and fight the oppressing forces.  Ansar Ghuzzat al-Hind also eulogized Mahmoud and revealed the name of its new leader, Hameed Lelhari (A.K.A Haroon Abbas) and his lieutenant, Ghazi Ibrahim Khalid. Additionally, the organization called upon Hezb al-Mujahidin (a jihadi faction in Kashmir and India at large) members to join its ranks.


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