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Periodical Review: Summary from the Jihadi Forums – The Second Half of November 2012

This report summarizes notable events discussed on jihadist Web forums during the Second half of November 2012. Following are the main points covered in the report:

• Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri, leader of the Al-Qaeda organization, eulogizes in a video tape Abu Al-Walid Al-Maqdisi, one of the founders of the Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem – a Salafi Jihadi Palestinian group active in the Gaza Strip and the Sinai Peninsula.
• Ahmad Ashush, one of the senior members of the Salafi Jihadi movement in Egypt, has officially declared the establishment of the “Combative Salafi Vanguard – Ansar Al-Sharia in Egypt” group.
• Following operation “Pillar of Defense”, the Salafi Jihadi groups across the Middle East call to the Muslims to provide aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and to fight Israel’s aggression.
• Salafi Jihadists in Gao, in northern Mali, announced they began implementing the Sharia in the city.
• The “Fursan Al-Balagh” Jihadi media institute published a new magazine called “Al-Balagh”.
• A new issue of the Jihadi magazine in Turkish, “?slam Dünyas?” (the World of Islam).

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