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Periodical Review March 2010 – No. 1

This report summarizes the most prominent events posted on the Jihadi online forums in the second half of Fabruary 2010. Among the central topics appearing in this issue are:

• The Jihadi forums report of a new video by Ayman Al-Zawahiri
• New issues of the “Sada Al-Malahim” and “Al-Somood” magazines
• Abu Yahya Al-Libi calls to attack U.S. on its own soil
• The military commander of AQAP threatens to attack the U.S.
• Surfers explain the importance of the Bab el-Mandeb straights to the Mujahideen, following the words of Said Al-Shihri in this regard
• Correspondents calling for unity amongst the Salafi groups in Gaza
• Following the recent events in Nigeria, calls to help the Muslims there by terrorist attacks
• A new phenomenon: More and more articles written by women or regarding the role of Muslim women find their way onto Jihadi forums

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