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Periodical Review: Fatwas – July – August 2012

This This review reports the main fatwas [religious-legal rulings] issued in July and August 2012, in response to readers’ questions, by Minbar Al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, the Web site of Salafist ideologue Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi.


1. One should forsake the Muslim Brotherhood utterly, and determine whether conflict or escalation serves [Salafist] interests. At the present time, one should avoid conflict with the new [Arab] governments, as this would not serve da’wa [missionary work], on which we must focus our efforts.

2. The method used to elect the Salafi-jihadist Shura Council in Jordan is valid, as long as the circumstances are satisfactory and lead to consensus, and the Shura Council aims to engage in da’wa and charity.

3. One may not kill a Muslim who has stolen money from the mujahideen, as his deed is not punishable by death, unless it caused significant harm and deterrence is impossible save through execution.

4. Muslims must not purchase American goods, whether or not they are imported. Products that the Muslims cannot do without are excepted.

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