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Summary of Terrorist Incidents and CT Operations: January 2014

This month’s report covers terrorist incidents throughout the world, with special emphasis in Egypt. On January 24, a series of bombs targeted police in Cairo, killing 10 people and wounding 100 others. Explosions targeted Cairo’s police headquarters, a central metro station, the Giza pyramids and a movie theater. Ansar Bait al-Maqdas (Supporters of Jerusalem) claimed responsibility for the attacks. January 2014 was also marked by terrorist incidents in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Thailand and Yemen.

This month’s report also covers counter-terrorist incidents throughout the world, with particular emphasis on events in Turkey. On January 14, Turkish security forces raided offices and homes aligned with the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, the largest non-governmental organization that is suspecting of aiding Al-Qaeda. Turkish authorities said that Ibrahim Sen, a senior Al-Qaeda militant who was released from the Guantanamo Bay Prison in Cuba in 2006, was among those arrested. Sen was handed over to Turkish authorities in 2008 and later sentenced by a Turkish court to six years in prison on terrorism charges. Another detainee was Halis Bayancuk, said to head Al-Qaeda operations in Turkey. January 2013 also saw counter-terrorist efforts in Indonesia, Israel and the West Bank, Lebanon, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Spain Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America and Yemen.

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