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Major Oren Blitzblau

Fellow, ICT, Israel

Oren Blizblau, 39, is married with two children. Born in Naharia, he currently resides in Herzliya. Oren served in the IDF’s Intelligence Directorate for 20 years, in his last position, he served in Unit 8200. Oren, a blind IDF veteran, lost his sight in January 2005 during a military operation in the Gaza Strip. Despite his severe injury, Oren continued his military service while undergoing an intense and difficult rehabilitation, and received the medal for exemplary rehabilitation from the Minister of Defense in July 2014.

Blizblau holds a BA in Government, from Reichman University, Herzliya, and is a graduate of the MA program in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism from the Lauder School of Government at Reichman University. In the years following his injury, he published a number of articles regarding terrorism, specifically about its asymmetrical aspects and low-intensity warfare. Lately, he has focused on teaching on issues regarding the cyber world to middle school and high school students throughout Israel, while continuing to write about terrorism and the rehabilitation of victims of terror.

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