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Islamic Radicalization in New Jersey

This paper is designed to provide an overview of Islamic radicalization in the state of New Jersey.  It is part of ICT’s Islamic Radicalization Index (IRI) and follows a similar structure to other papers in the index.  Since the project is specifically on Islamic radicalization, a considerable amount of this report covers Muslim demographics and religious institutions in the region.  This is only to gain insight about the community—not to single out Muslims.  All ethno-religious groups can have extremists.   Any individual or organization mentioned in this report is by no means tied to terrorism unless explicitly stated otherwise.  The paper is divided into four sections:

Part one contains qualitative and quantitative information on Muslim demographics in New Jersey.  Part two contains an explanation of the types of Muslim institutions in New Jersey as well as a summary of each of the 117 mosques.  Part three examines the radicalization process, outlines terrorist activity in the state and provides descriptions of homegrown extremists.  Part four presents the paper’s conclusions and main findings.

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