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Islamic Radicalization in Arizona

Jihadi terrorism has become an area of increasing concern for world governments since 9/11. However, individuals typically go through an extensive process of radicalization prior to the execution of such religious violence.

This study examines Islamic radicalization in the United States by focusing on the case study of Arizona.  It begins by presenting general demographic information for the state, and it then provides the broad overview of the radicalization process in Arizona.

The paper then goes on to detail several critical case studies of Islamic radicalization related to terrorist financing, violence, and religious fundamentalism in the state. Lastly, the study concludes with an overview of the current state of radicalization in Arizona and a discussion of potential future areas for radical infiltration, particularly illegal immigration.

This paper outlines in depth the links between the Arizona Muslim community and Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah while also detailing the connections between fundamentalist Islam and isolated radical behavior within the family and local Muslim society.    

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