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Ragonis Scholarship

Eyal Ragonis, z”l (1958 – 1995), A Human Being, Intelligence Officer, Architect

Named in memory of Maj. Eyal Ragonis z”l, Ragonis Foundation Scholarships promote research in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security by Reichman Univeristy students and IDF soldiers and officers.

Eyal was a man of values, and a great patriot that has always acted out of a sense of calling, guided by love to mankind and the State of Israel. Eyal artfully combined his two passions – Intelligence and Architecture.

Eyal served as an intelligence officer in IDF’s special forces (paratroopers and Sayeret Matkal), where he led clandestine operations that made their mark on the security of the State of Israel. Eyal, was called “the Ultimate Intelligence Officer,” setting the gold standard for future generations of intelligence officers. Eyal excelled as a creative, out-of-the-box planner and a meticulous executioner.

His architectural education was manifest in his military work. Within the framework of intelligence work, Eyal found a way to express his creative thinking and combine it with technical knowledge. Through this combination, he helped advance intelligence fighting methods within IDF’s special forces. The civilian chapter of his architectural life was hallmarked by his involvement in the Andromeda Project in Jaffa.

Eyal was an educator who has imparted and instilled his values to all around him, family, fellow soldiers, commanders, and students.

A family man, a descendant of the Ragonis family from Rishon LeZion, with deep roots in the soil of Israel. Son of Raya and Haim and brother to Onn, Oz and Adir.

Through a joint collaboration between the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) and Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at Reichman University, students are eligible to receive this scholarship.

Please see the document below for full details on the application process, potential topics, and funding procedures.