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Economy, Elections and Resounding Boomerang Effect for Nasrallah: The Impact of the Israel-Lebanon Maritime border Agreement

The Israeli-Lebanese maritime boundary agreement, sponsored and mediated by the US to resolve the longstanding conflict over the maritime border between the countries and the division of energy reserves, is a significant regional and international multidimensional achievement for the State of Israel. From a broad perspective, the agreement deepens the regional settlement concept and, in this sense, is a continuation of a series of regional agreements signed in recent years, chief among them the Abraham Accords. These, too, are proving once again that the ability to balance soft power capabilities with military might is the steering way of fortifying Israel’s regional and international standing in a turbulent and shaky Middle East, especially in light of the challenges of the day, Iran.

On the eve of the historic signing of this Israeli-Lebanese maritime boundary agreement, the article sheds light on the many advantages inherent in the process in the strategic, political, military, legal, and economic spheres.